Jeff Westphal

Jeff Westphal

Former CEO and Chairperson of Vertex Inc.


Westphal led Vertex Inc., the global leader in business tax process technology, from 50 to 900 employees over 20 years before retiring as CEO to become Chairperson in 2016.  He served as Chair until 2020, when the company went public on the Nasdaq stock exchange. 

During his tenure, Vertex won numerous “best place to work” awards, sustained 1/3 the industry turnover rate and increased value 100x without any external capital while sustaining 75% market share in its core business and expanding from a US to global customer base.  

Westphal has spent his semi-retirement traveling, hiking and writing a book on the meaning of business while developing a global platform, Meaningsphere(tm), to help anyone to create deeper meaning in their career (and life!). 

He is married 32 years to Jenifer, and together they have three adult children.  Based on their meaning based approach to education and autism treatment for their middle son, they are active philanthropically (Mosiac: We are Born to Learn, Natural Creativity) and in film (Let Me Be Me, Unschooled, Won’t You Be My Neighbor and many other independent, award winning documentary and short films, including “Feels Good Man” the New York Times #1 critics choice in the fall of 2019.    

Westphal has collaborated with noted European business author, Dr. Isaac Getz, on an upcoming Podcast, “Life, Liberte’ and the Purpose of Business”, to begin airing by year end.