About the Event

Executive Summary

Leaders at [email protected] expressed optimism and hunger for innovation. They felt a real need for the intentional pursuit to keep humanity at the center of this rapid transformation.

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We are witnessing the ripple effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and how it continues to affect business and personal life. Amidst a continued state of uncertainty, chaos and volatility how can organizations adapt, rebuild and grow? ​ 

Leaders need a compelling vision, a motivated team, and superior execution capabilities in addition to an ability to manage risk and transform. The sign of the times read clearly: Transformation is not a one-time effort. ​ 

To survive and win in the brave new world, leaders must adapt and embrace continual transformation. Through expert-led exchanges, [email protected]will provide actionable insights on how leaders can perpetually transform their organizations and deliver transformational outcomes. 

Key Themes

  1. What do leaders need to know about perpetual transformation?

  2. Are the traditional views about planning, monitoring and controlling outcomes outdated in today’s world? What are the new approaches of executing transformation?

  3. What makes transformations succeed?

  4. It’s time to think bigger! How can leaders achieve positive goals for their stakeholders and the planet? 

Key Outcomes

Leave with clear insights about: 

  1. The concept of perpetual transformation

  2. Strategizing successful transformations

  3. How leaders can bring about lasting change with a focus on people, engagement, and sustainability 

  4. Measuring the success of transformation programs 

Attendee Profile

[email protected] is a conference for strategy and transformation leaders to exchange insights, share experiences and build networks. Global C-level executives and thought leaders from business, government, academic, and social sectors gather to receive actionable insights and real-world perspectives on bridging the strategy gap and executing successful transformation.